NEW Lounge Chair II Chair Seat Towel

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Introducing our newest Lounge Chair Seat Towel - The Lounge Chair II!

    Like our newest Koala, we improved our original Lounge Chair Seat Towel, offering extra thickness, coverage, grip and storage. The thickness of our new Lounge Chair II Seat Towel is 500 gsm, a 25% increase over the original! It is also 7 inches longer, providing great coverage for nearly all lounge chairs. Its high-tension rear pocket is twice as deep, providing a more secure grip to the top of your lounge chair. For the bottom / front of your seat towel, we have added two tie backs at each corner, so you can completely secure your towel to your chair. Now, you can go for a dip in the pool without worrying about your towel flying off your chair! As far as accessory storage, we have added a second dual-compartment side pocket, one for each side of your chair. In addition to the added storage space, they also help to balance and better secure the towel to your chair. Now you can store your keys, sunglasses, favorite novel, tablet/IPAD, and drink without having to worry about running out of space. 

 Here are some other custom touches we offer with our NEW Lounge Chair II Seat Towels:

    - 2 vibrant colors. (Treetop Green and Bright White).

    - Twice the thickness of our microfiber towels. If you can picture the "feel" and "weight" of a quality bath towel, then you will have a great understanding of our new cotton Lounge II Chair Seat Towel. As far as density, our towels are 500 gsm.

    - A natural and environmentally friendly alternative to our microfiber towels. Just like all other cotton products, our Lounge II Chair Seat Towel will age gracefully. Like your most favorite T-shirt, we hope it will become your most prized possession with every year that goes by, "wherever life takes you."

Embroidery Customization: We offer high quality custom text embroidery. We will embroider the largest text available given the 25 letter standard. For all custom embroidery, your custom message will be FRONT-AND-CENTER, with the text located approximately 4 inches from the top of the seat towel. Text size will be maximized, in accordance with the amount of letters requested. In general, we will produce letters that are one to two inches in height, so your text has high visibility. For a classic & elegant embroidery text result, our standard colors are a brilliant white text for our green seat towels, and a darker silvery gray for our white seat towels. If you would like a different embroidery color, please select from our available colors (shown in the product pics section). While font code 1 is our standard font, you may also choose another font you would like from our available fonts (also shown in the product pics section). Just let us know which color and font you would like at: We will take it from there. :-)


Product Specific Information:

  • Material: 80 / 20 Cotton Blend (80% cotton and 20% polyester). A good blend maximizing cotton's natural absorbency with polyester's durability and reduced shrinkage.

  • Dimensions: 82 in x 30 in (208 cm x 76 cm) - Designed to fit beautifully in lounge or patio chairs

  • Side Pocket Dimensions: 14 in x 9 in (36 cm x 23 cm). Two 7 inch-wide compartments per side pocket.
  • Towel Density / Thickness: 500 gsm (as compared to our microfiber towels' 250 gsm)

  • Product-specific Weight: White: 2 lb, 8 oz.

  • Total Packaged Weight: White: 3 lb.
  • Care Instructions: Machine wash warm, with like colors. Do not bleach. Tumble dry low. Remove promptly. Warm iron when needed.
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