Microfiber Boa Seat Wrap

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Have you ever been riding as a passenger during a long drive in your car or truck and couldn't get comfortable because the driver had the A/C up high? How about those times when it became a bit too chilly when you wanted to enjoy a late summer sunset or some 4th of July fireworks? Have you ever been at the beach and felt those strong northerly winds whipping off the ocean? Well, you now have a universal solution to all of these challenges!

Here's some added guidance for optimal use: 1. Leave the zipper "loose" or unzipped in the auto / truck configuration. This "loose" fit situation allows the cover to more easily flex and adjust as a person sits and slides into their car seat. Before sitting, I suggest that the "seat" (lower portion) of the cover be placed a bit over the outside edge of the seat, so that one can sit on it and then slide into place. This mimics the process of how we sit in our seats. :-) 2. For the beach chair configuration, keep the zipper zipped. 

The Microfiber Boa Seat Wrap is a universal seat cover that offers two warm wraps, in addition to its patent-pending high-tension rear pocket that GRIPS any seat and a unique double-zipper opening that allows it to easily slip over auto or truck headrests for a custom fit. Like The Koala and The Kanga, it will go from the home or office, onto any mode of transportation (auto, bus, train, air) and to nearly any venue (the beach, movies, ball-park, resorts, sporting events, spring break, etc). Constructed from a plush, super-absorbent micro fleece, The Boa offers portable & washable protection against too much sun or too much cold.

It's a great temporary cover that you can pull from your trunk for those quick rides home from the gym or beach. Not a very good option as a permanent auto/truck cover.

Made in the USA, and available in three beautiful colors (light blue, light green & light yellow), it will be cherished by every owner, as he or she bundles up in a chilly office, views a dramatic sunset, or enjoys a long drive in the car! NOTE: Our original Boa Seat Wraps come in two configurations...one with the Boa logo in front and the other with the logo in the back. Please let us know your preference at: info@veradoxdesigns.com. If you have no preference, we will ship you one of these two configurations. Don't worry, they both look great! :-)

Product Specific Information:

  • Material: Microfleece (80% polyester, 20% polyamide) - 6 times more absorbent than cotton
  • Dimensions: 74 in x 48.5 in (189 cm x 123 cm), including width of both wraps - 27 in rear pocket is designed to fit beautifully in beach chairs and auto / truck seats
  • Product-specific Weight: 1.75 lb.
  • Embroidery Customization: We offer high quality custom text embroidery. We will embroider the largest text available given the 25 letter standard. For all custom embroidery, we will relocate the product logo to the rear pocket so your custom message is FRONT-AND-CENTER! Text size will be maximized, in accordance with the amount of letters requested. In general, we will produce letters that are one to two inches in height, so your text has high visibility. Text color will vary with the color of your Boa Seat Wrap: Dark Blue text for the blue Boa, Dark Green text for the green Boa, and Dark Brown text for the yellow Boa. If you would like a different color, please select from the colors available (shown in the product pics section). While font code 1 is our standard font, you may select another font from the fonts available (also shown in the product pics section). Just let us know your selection at: info@veradoxdesigns.com. We will take it from there. :-)
  • Care Instructions: Machine wash cold with like colors. If bleach is desired, wash with 1.5 oz bleach & 1.5 oz detergent. Tumble dry low. Do not iron. No softener.
  • Made in the USA
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