100% COTTON Koala Seat Towel

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Introducing our 100% Cotton Koala Seat Towel!

Our 100% Cotton Koala Seat Towel provides quick and super-absorbent protection in the car or truck, and at the beach! They are a perfect solution for those quick trips back from the gym, tennis court or golf course. Its longer double zipper allows the Koala to easily slip over any car or truck headrest for a custom, snug fit. Even more impressive is the Koala's high-tension rear pocket that GRIPS the car seat, and nearly every other seat out there. You can use our Koalas to protect your dining room chairs, patio cushions, lawn chairs and beach chairs. Heck, it will even grab onto a rocking chair! You cannot do that with those other car seat covers! If you are looking for a permanent heavy-duty - waterproof car seat cover, these are probably not for you. If you are looking for a versatile absorbent cover you can pull from the trunk when needed most for that short ride home, the Koala is for you. Most importantly our new 100% Cotton Koala Seat Towel provides:

    - 11 new vibrant colors based on the most popular spring & summer fashion colors. (Classic Blue, Marsala Wine Red, Lucite Green, Tangerine, Scuba Blue, Sandstone Brown, Titanium Gray, Strawberry Ice Pink, Blue & White Striped, Treetop Green & White Striped, and White).

    - A hand-crafted, custom Tie Dye Option (for just $15 more). We will initially offer three tie dye patterns ("double spiral" - pictured, "brain / scrunch" & "bulls eye / target"), all created by blending our three primary colors (Magenta, Turquoise & Lemon Yellow) into a kaleidoscope range of colors. Please note that each handmade finished product will have some variations in color and design within a given pattern. This is why tie dye is so great. You are guaranteed to have a Koala Seat Towel that is truly one-of-a-kind. No one else in the world will have the same exact color pallet & pattern as you! :-) 

    - Almost twice the thickness of our microfiber towels. If you can picture the "feel" and "weight" of a luxurious bath towel, then you will have a great understanding of our 100% cotton Koala. As far as density, our colors are 400 gsm and white is 500 gsm.

    - A natural and environmentally friendly alternative to our microfiber towels. Just like all other cotton products, our Cotton Koala Seat Towel will age gracefully. Like your most favorite T-shirt, we hope it will become your most prized possession with every year that goes by, "wherever life takes you."

    - In summary, I designed the Koala primarily as a means to GRIP the seat (beach chairs, lawn chairs, kitchen chairs, office chairs, etc...). I was so sick of my seat towels blowing off my chair! Secondarily, I utilized a double zipper to provide a quick cover for my car or truck. If you are looking for a cover you can pull from the trunk when needed most for that short ride home from the beach or gym, the Koala is for you.

 Remember, keep two in each car, and two more for the beach!

Product Specific Information:

  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Dimensions: 27 in x 48.5 in (70 cm x 123 cm) - Designed to fit beautifully in beach chairs and auto / truck seats
  • Towel Density / Thickness: White: 500 gsm; Colors: 400 gsm (as compared to our microfiber towels' 250 gsm)
  • Product-specific Weight: White: 1 lb, 3 oz.; Colors: 1 lb.
  • Total Packaged Weight: White: 1lb, 5 oz; Colors: 1 lb, 2 oz.
  • Embroidery Customization: We offer high quality custom text embroidery. We will embroider the largest text available given the 25 letter standard. For all custom embroidery, your custom message will be FRONT-AND-CENTER, with the text located approximately 4 inches from the top of the seat towel. Text size will be maximized, in accordance with the amount of letters requested. In general, we will produce letters that are one to two inches in height, so your text has high visibility. For a classic & elegant embroidery text result, we will utilize brilliant white for all text embroidered onto our seat towels (except for the striped versions and white seat towels). For the striped and white Koalas, we offer shiny silver text embroidery that will stand out against the dark blues and greens, as well as the white portions. After selecting the embroidery option and purchasing the product, just contact us (info@veradoxdesigns.com) and let us know which font code you would like (see font codes on the main page of this website). We will take it from there. :-)
  • Care Instructions: Machine wash warm, with like colors. Do not bleach. Tumble dry low. Remove promptly. Warm iron when needed.
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