In 2013, the idea for our innovative products began like many others...out of necessity. After completing a particularly hard workout at the local gym, I was not looking forward to the ride home, especially since I was drenched in sweat. To protect my leather seats, I typically used my tried and trusted towel, which kept slipping down and never seemed to stay put during the short trip home. Thus, the idea for a quick, washable towel that "grips" the seat was born...I.e., the "Seat Towel."  I spent the next six months creating some prototypes before arriving at the final design. It was during this prototype phase that I realized that the high-tension rear pocket that I created for my car also worked great on almost every other seat! It "gripped" beach chairs, kitchen chairs, rocking chairs, round-backed chairs, office chairs, ball-park seats and even movie seats! It was at this moment that the design moved from just an answer to getting home from the gym and towards today's "universal" seat towel or wrap. Veradox Designs officially opened its doors to both online sales and wholesale clients in the Spring of 2014.

As far as the patent-pending components, each seat towel and wrap incorporates a unique double zipper, whose final length was determined by extensive testing of car and truck headrest circumferences. I wanted the seat towel or wrap to be able to fit within the majority of cars and trucks. Similarly, the high-tension rear pocket was also a result of much research and development. I took time to identify and measure the widths of many beach chairs and auto / truck seats to arrive at a truly universal seat towel that would grip the majority of seats on the market. Finally, as far as a base material, I ultimately selected the current polyester blend for its super-absorbent properties (six times greater than cotton) and its ability to prevent staining. This is why the material is so popular within the medical industry...great absorption without retaining dirt and grime.

We at Veradox Designs are proud of these innovative products and have worked hard to design a product that will "go everywhere your active life takes them." Use them anywhere you might get wet, dirty or cold. Keep two in the trunk and two for the beach. :-)

Let us know what you think . . . .


Our vision for the future is quite simple. We seek to continually innovate and bring additional products & accessories to our growing customer base. Ultimately, we will develop an entire line of unique apparel that complements the active lifestyles of our customers. Look for our future beach bags, back packs and other gear for those "on-the-go." The future will certainly be exciting. We hope you will join us on this exciting ride of a lifetime!